Monday, March 24, 2008

The Taliaferro's

We ALWAYS love when we have our friends in town! This past week, we got a few days with Blake and Jenn Taliaferro. It was nice that they were here from Tuesday-Friday because we got a couple of days to spend with them!

On the menu, we tried sushi at Sushi on McKinney which was great! Later that night we went to The Ginger Man in Uptown which is the coolest pub with 1,748,888 beers on tap from all over the world! Happy boys we had! They kept talking like, "well, we just went to Germany...why don't we head over to Ireland now?" Hilarious. They took a man's "beer trip"

Their beloved menu.

Happy Boys.

They stayed at a hotel thru Thursday then came to stay with us on Friday!! We took them to delicious Campania for lunch then hung out by the pool that afternoon because the day was so nice!

The ladies!!

Taking a pee in our pool??
Oh wait! Nat too!
Now everyone!?!?! We're gonna get kicked outta here!

We finished the night off at Patrizio's, our favorite Italian in Dallas! The evening was so beautiful and Highland Park Village is perfect in the spring and summer! We walked around while we waited for our table and we got a lovely seat out on the patio and ate ate and ate. and ate. We always miss our friends, but cherish the days we get to spend with them! Please! Come visit! We'd love to show you around!

Kissy, kissy! oops!
The almost newlyweds!!!
and Blake :) in true form!

Thanks for the visit Taliaferro's! We truly enjoyed every minute of it! We miss you!!

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